Social business Instituto Alinha was born from the decision of no longer accepting fashion industry as it is, with thousands of workers still living in precarious conditions and forced to accept exhaustive working hours.

In order to change this reality, Alinha helps owners of small garment factories regularize their businesses to then connect them to brands that value labor relations in the supply chain.

Alinha’s mission is to guarantee fair labor practices in the fashion industry. In order to encourage more transparent relations, in 2018, Alinha started developing Brazil’s first fashion Blockchain system, to ensure consumers also play a key role in this mission.

Alinha currently supports, assists and advises small garment factories in the city of São Paulo (metropolitan area included).

Have you ever wondered who made your clothes? Who are these people? How much money did they earn from what you are wearing – and how much time did they have to make it?

Instituto Alinha has drafted a manifesto to call consumers to action – make sure you read it and spread the word!


1st Place – Social Good Lab

Red Bull Amaphiko Fellow

Fabric of Change Finalist: global initiatives focused on greater innovation, impact and sustainability

2nd Place – Innomarathon Latin America

Goalkeepers: support program for youth-led organizations using data for social innovation


BRL 21,600.00 seed capital to start Alinha
BRL 50,000.00 invested in the platform, via Aliança Empreendedora/Rockefeller Foundation

• 13 small garment factories supported
• 38 workers impacted
• Seed capital investment only – no new funds raised

• Formalization of Alinha
 5 small garment factories supported
• 13 workers impacted
• Seed capital investment only – no new funds raised

• 10 small garment factories supported
• 45 workers impacted
Total revenue: BRL 83,167.10

• Project total: BRL 70,000.00
• Total subscriptions: BRL 944.60
• Awards: BRL 1,500.00
• Service provision: BRL 722.50
• Non-corporate donations: BRL 6,000.00
• Total investment: BRL 72,816.03


• 27 small garment factories supported
• 126 workers impacted
• Started development of  Blockchain powered platform
• Total revenue: BRL 251,490.74

• Total sum from projects to support small garment factories: BRL 105,667.00
• Total sum from innovation and technology projects: BRL 117,000.00
• Total sum from subscription plans: BRL 8,622.26
• Service provision: BRL 20,201.48
• Total investment: BRL 188,555.13


Globo Repórter

TV investigative news show Profissão Repórter interviewed the founder of Instituto Alinha to share further information on the lack of fair pay in the fashion industry.


Folha de São Paulo

Lídia Ribeiro, listed in Alinha, was interviewed by newspaper Folha de São Paulo on the hardships and challenges faced in the fashion industry in Brazil.


Mini Doc “Pense Grande”

Mini documentary on Instituto Alinha’s work at garment factories, to be broadcast by TV network Canal Futura.


Revista Elle

Alinha has the honor of being featured in the last printed issue of magazine Elle, which specifically focused on sustainability and change-making initiatives in the fashion industry.